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14 November 2014

And just like that, Fall seems to have disappeared and Winter is fast approaching! This will be my second winter in England and it’s already obvious my skin hasn’t adjusted to harsh English winters. If your skin is anything like mine it likes a skincare routine that mixes things up on a regular basis. Using a single product daily doesn’t cut it, I have to have at least a couple different cleansers on hand at all times. My routine is constantly changing, which is always a problem when trying to stay budget friendly. My solution? Lush.

I had heard about Lush through the blogging community a few years ago, so I when I did finally move to England I was thrilled to see there was a store in Bristol. Fresh handmade products that use zero animal testing? I’m all over that. Over the past year the Bristol Lush team has helped me through any sort of skin crisis. The beauty about Lush is the variety of products offered in every store. With an ever-constant changing routine it’s nice to be able to have a wide variety of cleansers and moisturizes on hand at all times. After a little help from the lovely team at Lush Bristol, I thought I’d share a review of my more recent finds perfect for winter!
Buche De Noel | Face & Body Cleanser
One sniff of Buche De Noel and you know it’s Christmastime. Using ingredients such as almonds, cranberries, cocoa butter, and even brandy, Buche De Noel is not too harsh on the skin. It's the perfect winter scrub!

Imperialis | Facial Moisturizer
Imperialis is a moisturizer that can make any type of skin happy. Usually my main complaint with moisturizers is how heavy they are on my skin. Imperialis is by far the lightest most effective moisturizer I’ve ever owned. Not to mention, the natural scent of lavender and orange isn’t too overpowering, it’s just right.

Ultrabland | Facial Cleanser
The team at Lush Bristol are notorious for talking me into products that are a little out of my comfort zone. Yet every product recommended exceeds all my expectations. Ultrabland is no exception. As a cream cleanser, you massage gently onto your skin before wiping off with a warm damp cloth. I had never used a cream cleanser before but I’ve found it to be that extra boost my skin needs in my nighttime cleansing routine. Plus the almond and honey scent is to die for!

Let the Good Times Roll | Face & Body Cleanser
Let’s face it; I’m going to buy anything that smells like popcorn and cinnamon! Let the Good Times Roll smells good enough to eat! As one of Lush’s more smooth scrubs, it’s the perfect soft exfoliate and cleanser wrapped into one. By far my favorite winter product!

So White | Shower Gel
So White smells exactly like you think it would: crisp apples! I’m very picky when it comes to shower gels, but So White has instantly become a favorite of mine. I had to get a second bottle within a couple of weeks I went through it so quickly!

Hot Toddy | Shower Gel
By far my favorite Christmas scent at Lush (and that’s saying a lot), Hot Toddy is the perfect shower gel before an evening out. Smelling of Christmas spices, Hot Toddy has just the slightest shimmer to it leaving your body looking oh so lovely!

Pearl | Massage Bar
Massage bars are still a strange concept for me. I admit, I prefer lotion to a massage bar for daily use. However, Pearl is one of those “pamper day” luxuries. A mix of rose and argon oil, Pearl provides that deep moisturizer needed for your body during winter.
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