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20 February 2015

First off, I want to thank all y'all for the massive amount of support on my last post. Seriously, you guys are amazing. One of the best things about blogging is the community of like-minded people, and it was great to see most of you have gone through similar situations and could relate. I'm feeling much more positive about the whole situation and am excited to see what the future holds!

But enough about all that.
It's time to explain my disappearance this week after leaving y'all with such a big announcement. Last week I went back to England to get the rest of my things, but more importantly, to graduate! I was so happy I was able to attend the ceremony. All international student visas had expired three weeks before  the graduation ceremony, meaning most international students could not attend their own graduation. I'm not going to lie, I think the university did a horrible job of accommodating the international student needs this year. But this post isn't about bashing my universities administration. It's about my accomplishment!

If you are new here, the whole purpose of my move to England was to get my Masters degree. After a year of intensive study and research, I finally completed my program! I now officially have a Masters in History with a specialty in Medieval England.

My parents and I were determined to attend the ceremony. I'm incredibly thankful they made a trip to England possible for all three of us. The morning of the ceremony was freezing and the sun barely came out, but it was a wonderful day nevertheless! I am so proud I  have a degree from the same university that Winston Churchill was chancellor of after WWII. It was an extremely difficult year, but I did it! *throws nonexistent cap in air*

Happy Friday!

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