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21 May 2015

I'm a firm believer in the Anti-Diet. 80% of the time I try to eat healthy, while the other 20% is spent eating anything I want with no regrets. It's a lifestyle I began putting more of an effort into when I moved back to America. With oversized portions and everything lathered in an extra layer of fat, I have  to be extra careful when it comes to eating out stateside. That doesn't mean I deprive myself from good food. On the contrary, I enjoy whatever I want within reason. Swapping soda for water, not finishing the entire plate, etc. Small things like that matter. So when I visited Nashville for the weekend I didn't feel guilty about eating out at some of Nashville's best restaurants. Here are a few of my favorites eateries I visited in Nashville! 

FIDO | A cafe, coffee house, restaurant, and all around cool place to hang out, Fido is located Hillsboro Village. You might have to wait in a bit of a line but don't worry. There are plenty of seats and the service is fast fast fast. The overall dog theme of this cafe was quirky, giving it a unique atmosphere. Whether you are there for a coffee, a muffin, or a burger, Fido's will have you covered.
What I Ordered : Huevos Rancheros and the House Latte 

LOCAL TACO | I'm not fussy when it comes to queso. I AM fussy when it comes to salsa however. I like it to be just the right amount of spicy, and the creamer the better. If you give me a good cup of salsa I will be your best friend forever. On my second day in Nashville, Leah and I got a craving for some chips, queso, and salsa (aka a Texan girl's lunch). Leah drove us out to Local Taco where, on the cool covered patio, we had the perfect two hour lunch. I always laugh at myself when I travel somewhere new and end up eating at a TexMex restaurant. The service was attentive and the Sangria's were perfect. More importantly, the salsa was just right. 
What we ordered: Guacamole, queso, and the red salsa with red Sangrias. 

FROTHY MONKEY | Oh man, this place was a coffee lovers dream. This quirky cafe offers fantastic coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. It reminded me so much of all my favorite little cafes in England. The perfect spot to bring your laptop or a good book, Frothy Monkey was the perfect last meal in Nashville, Tennessee.     
What I ordered: The Frothy Monkey and the House Latte

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Happy Thursday!

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