"The Tulips Are Dead" | Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

11 May 2015

Out in west Nashville, in one of the prettiest neighborhoods I have ever seen, is a garden that boasts worldly nature with a hint of southern charm. 

After coffee and brunch, Leah and I headed to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens early Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day, and the transition between spring and summer is becoming more and more apparent. The weather was beautiful and we were determined to see some tulips. Having just spent my last spring and summer in England where tulips blossom throughout spring and summer, I forgot that tulips have a short season in America. We had both heard amazing things about the Cheekwood tulips and knew we only had a short amount of time before they would be gone.

Our quest for the Cheekwood tulips took us through a variety of different gardens and habitats. Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is home to an herb garden, a Japanese garden, a perennial garden, and even a swan lake. In the middle of this vast land sits a beautiful Georgian-styled mansion which has been turned into an art museum. As beautiful as everything was, our quest for the tulips was obviously unsuccessful. There was not one in sight.

After spending a couple of hours wandering our beautiful surroundings, we gave of hope on seeing any tulips. Maybe they didn't plant any this year. Maybe we had missed the season. As we slowly walked back to the car we finally stumbled across the tulip garden. As we had suspected, the tulips were dead.

Despite the fact the tulips were dead, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens was a beautiful lesser known spot in Nashville. Amongst the rolling hills the it's hard to believe so many different habitats can be found tucked away on 100 acres. 

Happy Monday!

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