Four Days in London

13 July 2015

A few weeks back I hopped on a plane to England for the third time this year.  
With only four days free in my schedule, I managed to plan a short trip to London to relax, drink, but mainly see that English boyfriend of mine. 

So here's how it went: after a full day of work I raced over to the airport, parked my car, got a bus, checked my bag, and made it just in time to board my 9 hour flight. When I landed at Heathrow I met up with Jon (who had never even been to Heathrow I might add) and headed to our hotel in Shoredicth. It was an exhausting 24 hours to say the least. 

To be honest, I barely took any photos of my short trip back to the UK. It was a chance for Jon and I to see each other for the first time in four months so carrying my camera around really didn't cross my mind. I was having too much fun. I do have a couple of post about London coming your way within the next couple of weeks, but all in all I only have about 30 photos from the entire trip. 

Things I forgot about England:
1 | How much time you actually spend on the tube.
2 | A pint at 11am on a Thursday? No problem!
3 | English burgers > American burgers
4 | The sun doesn't go down until 10 - 11 pm. 
5 | Summer in England is still jeans and coat weather. 
6 | Anywhere in London on a Saturday is an absolute nightmare.
7 | Sitting in a pub for 3+ hours is perfectly acceptable. 
8 | You HAVE to watch where you are walking. Cobble stones are a real nightmare in heels.
9 | EVERYONE is going to say something weird when you hand them your Texas Driver's License such as "do you know Ronald Reagan?". 
10 | It is completely possible to have an amazing trip to a foreign country within a four day time period.

Happy Monday!

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