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16 July 2015

The city of New Orleans was barely awake on a warm Saturday morning in May. My friend Kaitlyn and I slowly walked through sleepy Jackson Square discussing our full day ahead. From the Garden District to the French Quarter we had everything planned. How could we not? It was a beautiful day and New Orleans was full of possibilities. However, our stomachs were growling and a dilemma quickly arose. What the heck were we going to eat?

New Orleans is home to some of the best cuisines in the South. Louisiana cajun and creole is classic comfort food for me. The French Quarter is busting at the seems with original restaurants that offer world class dishes. Here is a list of what we ate on that warm Saturday in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Cafe Du Monde | Breakfast
Location | Jackson Square
Hours | Open 24 hours a day
What to eat | Beignets, a fried pastry topped with powdered sugar. It's the only thing on the menu!
Cafe du Monde is possibly one of the most famous eateries in New Orleans. Rightly so, everyone loves a good beignet! If you don't arrive before 8am expect to be standing in a long line. However it moves pretty quickly, or so it seemed, we arrived around 7:30am! A coffee and three beignets set me back about $5, so if you're looking for something classic and cheap I suggest stopping by!

Green Goddess | Lunch
Location | Exchange Place
Hours | 11:00am - 9:00pm Wednesday - Sunday
What to eat | Poached eggs, crawfish etoufee, and grits.
Green Goddess was a spot we stumbled upon while hangry. Tucked away on quite Exchange Place, the atmosphere is typical New Orleans. We sat outside in the May sun enjoying some classic home cooked creole while people watching whoever strolled down this lazy side street in the French Quarter. 

Chartres House | Dinner
Location | Chartres Street
Hours | 11:00am - 11:00pm 
What to eat | Fried bow tie pasta and spinach dip, followed by the classic shrimp platter. 
What to drink | Vodka pear lemonade 
Trying to pick a dinner place in New Orleans is nearly impossible. There are just too many options! When we finally decided Chartres Houses looked like a safe bet, we were pleased to find an open seating plan next to the French doors. We watched the activity of the French Quarter outside while sipping our Vodka Pear Lemonades, something that was highly recommended by our waiter and did not disappoint. Our appetizer was something I still dream about occasionally, and the fried shrimp was nothing short of perfect. 

What is your favorite comfort food?

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yum! We absolutely adored beignets in New Orleans and shared a small plate of them at Cafe du Monde one morning. While we tried the beans and the fried catfish, our favourite savoury meal was my lunch on our last full day in NOLA - Jimbayala. It was amazing and we've since made it at home a few times! Xx


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