Charming Fredericksburg, Texas

12 October 2015

Picture this :: A sleepy Texas town where people smile and wave hi to you as they sit on their porch in their handmade rocking chairs. You can find plenty of these towns across Texas, however Fredericksburg posses a unique charm. Recently I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in this amazingly beautiful city for a relaxing mother daughter weekend. 

We surprisingly picked the perfect weekend to visit Fredericksburg without realizing. Not only was it the beginning of Texas Wine Month, it was also Fredericksburg's Oktoberfest! More on that later, but we had so many things to do, it was hard to keep up!

Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 during the emigration of Germans to Texas. Texas, having previously been its own country for ten years, had just been annexed into the United States. There was plenty of land and opportunity which was appealing to the Germans who were now looking for a place to settle. 

Considered to be "deep in the heart of Texas", Fredericksburg is now famous for being home to Texas Wine Country. Vineyard after vineyard line the highways, and tasting rooms can be found plentiful on Main Street. Fredericksburg is an extremely popular destination not only in Texas, but nationwide as well.  

More on Fredericksburg later but for now, pour yourself a glass of wine. It is Texas Wine Month after all!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love Fredericksburg! It's just such a beautiful town in the hill country. Even though I've been several times growing up, I still haven't been wine tasting there. It's definitely on my list!


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