Population 3 | Luckenbach, Texas

09 November 2015

There are some places that encompass that 'idea' of Texas. 

What do I mean by that? Texas is not only a place, it's an idea and/or a way of life. If you don't live in this great state, you probably conjure up images in your head of tumbleweeds, the wild west, and country music. While you can find places that resemble this throughout the state, the majority of the population lives in metros or suburbs. No tumbleweeds to be found here. However, while visiting the Texas Hill Country, I managed to take a little time away from my wine sipping to visit a very 'Texan' landmark.

The city of Luckenbach has an interesting history. For example, the population of this town deep in the heart of Texas is 3. Yes, you read that correctly. THREE. Like Fredericksburg, Luckenbach was founded by German immigrants in the 19th century. It's population reached a whooping 492 in the early 20th century before significantly dropping off to 3. If that doesn't spark your fascination already then maybe Luckenbach Dance Hall will.

While Luckenbach is practically a ghost town, the community upholds the Dance Hall. A popular place for country music, Luckenbach dance hall is THE place to be on a Saturday night. Immortalized by the song Luckenbach, Texas Back to the Basics of Love, country music stars such as Willy Nelson, Pat Green, and Lyle Lovett have graced the dance halls. On Sundays, you can find locals and travelers alike pulling out their guitars and singing a few songs. 

Whether you're there for the music or just a few pictures, Luckenbach is the perfect place to experience something truly "Texan.



  1. I've heard of Luckenbach but have never actually visited. I think that I need to add it to my list of things to do in Texas! I had no idea that the population was only 3 people! It really is a ghost town!


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