An Irish Birthday | The Big 25

31 May 2016

Did y'all miss me? It's been over a week since my last post, but I won't offer up any excuses. It was my birthday week and I needed a much deserved break! 

In the weeks leading up to my twenty-fifth birthday people kept asking me how I was going to celebrate. A party perhaps? Maybe a dinner? Well if you know anything about me you'll know I'm not one for big birthday celebrations. Instead, I decided to do what I love the most: travel around Europe. I picked Ireland for my latest destination. 

I spent my birthday weekend exploring the beautiful country of Ireland. My favorite pastimes happen to be drinking and eating, both of which made appearances. 

25 is a big birthday! Most people hate the idea of growing old, but I'm part of the minority. I enjoy growing up and getting to do the things I love like travel. I've decided to embrace 25 and live life to the fullest! 

In case you were wondering, I basically took a million pictures this past weekend. Stay tuned for Ireland posts for days and days to come!


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