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18 May 2016

Ah, home sweet home. 

Aside for the two years I lived in England, I have always lived in the Lone Star State. Texas has always really been home. I recently read an article describing how Texas has became a major tourist attraction and I wasn't surprised. It's a big state and we do have a lot to offer! As John Steinbeck once said, "Texas is a state of mind". 

Over the past year, I have frequently posted on my travels around the world. From New Orleans to London, you can find it all here on Of Golden Roses! Something you can't really find? Posts on my home state! After reading some of y'alls comments on my recent Reader Survey, I thought it was about time to introduce you to some of the best things about this great state of mine. 

So why exactly is Texas so awesome? Well for starters, the history.

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And then there's the nature
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And a little bit of everything else.
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