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12 May 2016

I'll admit, a cemetery is a unusual place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

For Mothers Day, my mom and I decided to make the hour long trip down to Galveston, Texas for a little food, sun, and just a teeny tiny bit of wine. Galveston is always a fun day trip destination. Just south of Houston, the city if full of character! 

As we drove down Broadway, colorful houses zooming past, the color yellow caught my eye. The Broadway Cemetery, normally a landmark that barely causes a second glance, was covered in a sea of wildflowers. I had never seen anything like it, despite the 20 something years I've lived in Houston. I was memorized.

The cemetery has no official name as it is actually a series of seven cemeteries jumbled into 3 blocks along Broadway. With over 177 years of history, the "Broadway Cemetery" is home to over 12,000 known graves. 

Houston has had a rough time lately. The April rain has brought devastating floods to the area, causing hundreds to lose their belongings and homes. For me, the beauty the cemetery had to offer on this Sunday afternoon was a reminder: April showers do bring May flowers. 

Unlike many historic graveyards in the UK, information on this hauntingly beautiful cemetery is hard to come by. I could find no website, nor a comprehensive history online. From what I understand though, the cemetery is open from sun up to sun down seven days a week. It was open on a Sunday afternoon after all.


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