Church of St. John the Baptist | Bristol, England

28 August 2014

On a fairly warm afternoon, I was having a stroll around the Old City, looking for a coffee shop that supposedly has the best coffee in town (a post on that to come). I accidentally made a turn onto the wrong street, only to realize that St. John the Baptist Church was open. I had been inside once before, only because I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. Run completely by volunteers, St. John the Baptist Church is only open when a volunteer is able to take some time out of their day to watch over it. 
During the construction of the medieval wall, five churches were built to act as gates for the city of Bristol. St. John's Gate is the only remaining gate today. It is believed Queen Elizabeth I entered Bristol through this gate during her visit to Bristol. 
Because I was the only visitor (besides a very chatty man who knew 'absolutely everything about medieval Bristol'), the volunteer showed us the bell tower and the crypt. The bell tower is still in use today, despite the fact there are no longer church services held in St John. The crypt is home to tombs of famous medieval Bristolians, such as the mayor of Bristol in 1479. 
Happy Thursday!

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